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The League offers many benefits of membership, both in Thailand and worldwide – splendid clubhouses, international networking opportunities and reasonable prices due to the League’s not-for-profit status:

  • Central London clubhouse with 80 en-suite bedrooms, restaurants, bar, drawing room and garden with al fresco dining
  • Edinburgh clubhouse with 17 bedrooms, self contained flat, restaurant, bar, drawing room and conference rooms. Magnificent views of the Castle
  • Reciprocal Clubs – over 80 clubhouses around the world
  • Quarterly Journal ‘Overseas’ covering League events around the world
  • Over 20,000 fellow members worldwide and a warm welcome always.

ROSL Membership Eligibility for Thailand only

(for membership eligibility OUTSIDE of Thailand, please refer to ROSL Home Page)

Membership of “ROSL Thailand” consists of :

  1. ‘Full’ and ‘Affiliated’ members who are registered and fully paid-up members with the “Royal Over-Seas League” in London resident in Thailand. Full (voting) membership is open to citizens of Commonwealth countries and the Irish Republic.
  2. Affiliated (non-voting) membership is open to citizens of Thailand and citizens of other non-Commonwealth countries.

Individual Membership

Open to all above.

Group Corporate Membership

Open to all of the above who are members of organisations with which the League has established special group ‘corporate’ arrangements; e.g. Chambers of Commerce. Individual members (and spouses) of these organisations may make an application to join the League and are required themselves to pay the relevant fee and annual subscriptions, both of which are reduced for group applicants.

Company Corporate Membership

This is an arrangement for companies, charities or other organisations which would like a minimum of four of their staff (including spouses) to be members. Although each applicant has to fill in a separate application form, the overall joining fees and annual subscriptions are usually paid by the company. The preferential rates are the same as for group corporates’. To establish a company corporate arrangement, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Proposers and Seconders (for only individual applicants resident in Britain)

Proposers should be a League member and a seconder a solicitor, bank manager or person of similar standing. If no League member is known, or in difficulty, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Individual Applicants resident in Thailand Require a seconder only.

Group and Company Corporate Applicants

Proposers and seconders are not required for group and company corporate applicants, who should instead fill in the appropriate part of the application form.

Use of Reciprocal Clubs

Reciprocal Club facilities are for use by members when traveling OUTSIDE the country in which they live or work. Members are requested to read the guidelines in the League’s “Reciprocal Clubs” leaflet before applying for cards of introduction and to note that cards of introduction to the very popular clubs in Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi are issued at the discretion of the League’s management and usually only after a minimum of six months League membership has elapsed.


  1.  An application form must be completed by each person applying for membership including husbands and wives.
  2.  All members using bedroom accommodation at Over-Seas House, London must be members, including husbands and wives. The reason for this dates back to 1910 when women were permitted membership on equal status to men.
  3. The joining fee is waived for second and succeeding members of a family residing at the same address. It is also waived for those aged 17 to 25.
  4. Subscriptions are based on the applicants’ main place of residence. The membership year runs from 1 January – 31 December. However, new members may join on or after 1 November of the preceding year if they wish.
  5. Half-year membership, July – December, is available only to new members who join after 30 June when the full joining fee and half the annual subscription is required.
  6. The Central Council reserves the right to refuse or cancel a person’s membership if it deems it advisable to do so, without being liable to give any explanation or reason for such action.
  7. 7. Members may withdraw from the League by notifying the Membership Secretary at Headquarters, London in writing. However the League does not make any refund of subscriptions for any part of the year during which this notification is received.

Members of certain affiliated professional organisations/groups and subscribed Chambers of Commerce qualify for a discounted rates. Interested organisations, please contact the membership secretary.