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Young Artist of the Year 2014 Rules


  • Must be aged 14-20 years of age on the 24th March 2014
  • Thai nationals who are resident in Thailand or expatriates who have been living in Thailand for at least one year.


  • Each artist may enter one piece of art.
  • The artwork must be two-dimensional ‘hanging art’ and qualify in one of the following categories :
    • Painting: oil, acrylic, water colour, gouache, encaustic or other painting media.
    • Drawing: pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink, crayon or other drawing media.
  • No part of the artwork can be a photograph or be computer generated. All media on the artwork must have been created by the hand of the artist applying the media to the artwork.
  • The original artwork can be no larger than 2.56 m2.
  • The artwork must have been created within the last two years and be original to the artist. Any violation of copyright or other IP will lead to disqualification.
  • Any artwork entered cannot already have gained first, second or third place in any other national art competition.

The Judges will evaluate the artworks using the following criteria:

  1. Originality of artistic ideas.
  2. Technical competence.
  3. “X-Factor” interest.
  4. How well the artist has expressed his/her ideas

Conditions of Entry

  • If selected as one of the semi-finalists, each artwork submitted must be framed and clearly labeled on the back with the artist’s name and competition reference number.
  • Each artist will be responsible for presenting and collecting their artwork at designated locations and on designated dates which will be provided once the finalists have been selected.
  • The Royal Over-seas League Thailand (ROSLT) does not accept responsibility for the condition of artworks in the period between the artwork being submitted and collected. Artists may wish to take out their own insurance on artworks submitted for the competition.
  • Artists cannot collect their artwork before the completion of the competition.
  • All artworks left uncollected 30 days after the request to collect them has been issued may become the property of the ROSLT if the ROSLT Council so wishes.
  • The judges’ decision is final and correspondence cannot be entered into with regard to the final results and copies of the mark sheets used by the judges will not be made available.
  • ROSLT reserves the right to use the artworks and any reproductions of them for promotional and educational purposes. Copyright remains with the artist.
  • ROSLT reserves the right to revise, alter or amend the competition rules at any time.
  • All submitted entries via the Entry Form indicate the competitor’s acceptance of the Rules of Entry.
  • Closing Date. Complete the Entry Form with uploads of your photographs and the photograph of your artwork by 20 February 2015.
  • Photograph of Artwork—Specifications. It is up to the artist to ensure that the best quality photograph of the artwork is used. Photographs should adhere to an standardized pixel size (843 x 504 or 504 x 843 px) resolution (72 px/in) and a maximum upload size of 2MB. Whilst adjustments to lighting, color balance and exposure etc are acceptable, other forms of image enhancement (clone stamps, retouching, filters etc) are not permitted. Images will be examined for signs of such adjustments.
  • Photograph of Artist. For ROSLT identification purposes, a scanned passport photograph must be submitted with entries. This photograph will ONLY be used for confirmation of identity at the semi-final stage and will not be part of the judging process.
  • Filename. The photograph needs to be named according to the following format <Surname-YA2014-xx-xx-14.ext> where xx-xx are day and month in the date you submit your entry and “.ext” is the file extension of your photograph, which can be .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, or .png depending on output from your camera/editing program.
  • Validation of Entry. You will receive an email from ROSLT within 5 days of posting your entry acknowledging that your entry has been validated and providing you with a reference number. If your entry requires further details or review, we will contact you via email. The reference number will be needed if your artwork is selected for the semi-finals.
  • If you have not received the validation email from ROSLT within 5 days of posting your entry, send us an email via our contact page…


  1. Selection of finalists—from the entries a panel of international and Thai judges will select certain entries for the semi-finals. Judging will be by reference number only.
  2. Popular voting—All artwork will be posted at the ROSLT FaceBook page. The top three entries most liked will be selected for the semi-finals, subject to approval by the judges. Any evidence of click fraud will result in disqualification of the artist.
  3. Semi-Finalists will be notified and informed where their framed artwork has to be sent and the deadline for this task.
  4. Exhibition—Semi-Finalists will be informed with regard to the date and venue for the Finals and Prize Giving Event.
  5. Finals—a prize giving ceremony will be held where the Semi-finalists and finalists work, will be on display. At the prize giving ceremony, the finalists will be introduced to the audience and asked questions about their artwork. At the end of the ceremony, the winner will be announced.


The winner will receive:

  • The King’s trophy
  • THB 100,000
  • 2 return tickets to London with 5 nights accommodation at Over-Seas House (headquarters of the ROSL in London)

The other finalists will receive a runner-up trophy. Semi-finalists will receive a certificate.