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Young Musician of the Year 2014 Entry Form


Before you Submit your entry…

Please refer to the formal Competition Rules, especially the following sections. Additional details are included here for your information.

  • All submitted entries require the competitor’s acceptance of the Rules of Entry, an acceptance check box needs to be ticked in order to enter the competition (see below).
  • Closing Date. Complete the Entry Form by 20 February 2015. This form will be deactivated at 1700 (ICT) on that date.
  • Entry Process. There are two parts to the entry for Young Musician of the Year 2014. Complete the below entry form in full and upload a passport-type picture of yourself. On successful submission, you will receive details of how to upload your video files to our server. Once that is complete, your entry will be examined and a confirmation email will be sent to you with a reference number for your entry.
  • Videos of Performances. Two video files (one of your first performance, one of your second performance) must be uploaded to our server to validate your entry. The total time of both performances must not exceed 10 minutes. It is the responsibility of the musician to ensure that the videos present the best possible audio and visual quality of performances.
  • Photograph of Musician. For ROSLT identification purposes, a scanned passport-type photograph must be submitted with entries. This photograph will ONLY be used for confirmation of identity at the semi-final stage and will not be part of the judging process (all artworks are only identified by a reference number during the judging process).
  • Filename. The photograph needs to be named according to the following format <Surname-YA2014-xx-xx-14.ext> where xx-xx are day and month in the date you submit your entry and “.ext” is the file extension of your photograph, which can be .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, or .png depending on output from your camera/editing program.
  • Problems with File Submissions. Any problems with uploads and file naming, we may be able to help you, so please contact us…
  • Review of and Validation of Entry. You will receive an email from ROSLT within 5 days of posting your entry providing you with a reference number only if the submission is all in order. If the entry requires revision, you will be asked to make adjustments before the entry can be accepted and a reference number given. This number will be needed if your artwork is selected for the semi-finals.
  • If you have not received an email from ROSLT within 5 days of posting your entry, send us an email via our contact page…


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Acceptance of Rules

In uploading this information, I certify that:
All information provided is correct. I have read and understand the Rules of Entry governing the competition. Should I reach the Semi-Finals I confirm that my work submitted can be endorsed by my Academic Institution. Check the box below to accept all terms relating to entry to Young Musician 2014. You will receive video uploading instructions on successfully submitting your entry details. I will be resident in Thailand until at least 10 November 2014.
I accept the rules & terms of entry for YM 2014.

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